A list of talks I’ve given in the past.


How to Build and Scale Machine Learning Platform at Gojek

As a guest in PLN's internal sharing session


Breakout Session: Lessons Learned on Scaling ML Deployment Platform on K8S

Kubernetes Community Days Indonesia 2021

Berbagi Pengalaman Menjadi Software Engineer, Digital Marketing, and Content Creator Sukses di Era Digital

As one of panelists at Sriwijaya Digital Festival 2021

Introduction to Machine Learning

As one of panelists at public lecture by Informatics Sriwijaya University

Step Up After Graduation

Sharing session with students of Informatics Sriwijaya University

Seputar Machine Learning Engineering

Interview with Setia Budi on Indonesia Belajar


Cerita Sukses Anak Palembang

Interview with Joneten Saputra on Palembang Digital AMA

Karir Software Engineer

As one of panelists at Sriwijaya Digital Festival 2020

Making Machine Learning Model Deployments Magical with Merlin

Python Conference Indonesia 2020

Pengenalan Machine Learning

Sharing session with Palembang Digital