Hello again, internet!

Hello, world! 👋🏻

Hello! How are you? You know, it's not my first or second rodeo writing this kind of hello-world blog post. But I got a good feeling about this one. Let me share with you why. This:

A great comic strip by vincentdnl.

No, I don't build a new blogging platform. But I nearly fall into that rabbit hole. After having my hand dirty with Hugo and Jekyll, and Gatsby and Next, I realized one thing, building my own blogging website or platform took so much toll on me that left barely any energy to actually write a blog post. I should focus on the content, not the platform. Let other people focus on building the platform, and let myself become the user.

Long story short, I found Ghost and fell in love with it. Its simplicity and elegance remind me of old WordPress when they were much simpler.

WordPress' sidebar vs Ghost's

WordPress is a great place to start blogging. In fact, my 10+ years old blog is still alive there. However, I felt that I grow apart from WordPress. And I found my self did not use most of WordPress' new features. I tried their new block editor, Gutenberg, but it did not feel natural for me to use it. I opted out of using it and chose to use their classic editor. Maybe I was too early on it and they were still working on perfecting it. Anyway, Ghost's editor, Koenig, is actually also a block editor. However, I don't feel forced to write about it. It's more natural and simpler. It just works for me.

Ghost is also open-sourced which allows me to self-host and gave me full control of my blog. Hosting it is also (almost) free. I'll write more detail on how I deploy this blog, spoiler alert, I'm hosting it on Fly.io.

This is still an early day for me with Ghost, but as I said at the beginning, I have a good feeling about this. I also starting another blog with my wife, arieftrissa.com. As you have guessed, it also uses Ghost. Writing a blog is different this time. Part of it is thanks to Ghost. And for the rest of it, let's see.